HP 902XL & 952XL Cartridges - They're Here!

HP 902XL & 952XL Cartridges - They're Here!
Refills for HP 902XL and HP 952XL series cartridges ARE HERE!!!
Just grab your empties and stop in to save 30% on your REFILLS!

How to Cancel HP Instant Ink Service and use Our Cartridges

If your HP printer is currently configured to utilize their "HP Instant Ink" service, you may run into problems related to using cartridges purchased from Discount Ink & Toner.

Our cartridges are genuine HP cores that have been refilled, but printers setup to use HP Instant Ink cartridges typically wont use anything but the cores specifically sent to customers through this system.

If your printer is currently setup this way and you want to use our more cost effective cartridges, simply follow the instructions laid out in the link below.

5 Tips to Keep Your Inkjet Printer Running

5 Tips to Keep Your Inkjet Printer Running

TALK TO US  FIRST!  When you're thinking of buying a new printer, give us a call or come by the store.

If your current printer is on the way out, you may be shopping around for new options. Before deciding on which model you are going to purchase, we highly recommend speaking with one of our in store associates. Our combined experience has taught us which printer brands are more reliable and cost efficient than others. We will ask you how often you print, and what kinds of things you need printed. This will allow us to determine which kind of printer would best suit your needs, as well as which printers we can supply cartridges for. 

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

We deal with a lot of printers here at Discount Ink & Toner. Because of this, we see the same things time and time again. If your laser printer is giving you problems, feel free to call us or come into our store. However, we recommend looking over our two sections regarding common printing issues below:

Common Laserjet Printer Problems

Here’s a quick guide to the most common problems that occur with laser printers.

1. Paper is jamming. Among the most common and frustrating printer problems is paper jams. Common causes include dust and grime, worn rollers, or inappropriately weighted paper. Prevent paper jams by regularly cleaning your printer and replacing parts as needed. Check the weight of paper that your printer is rated for as well.

2. Toner smears or does not adhere. This problem is usually either due to an old fuser assembly or defective toner cartridge. First, try replacing your toner cartridge to see if that fixes the problem. If not, move on to be sure that there is no toner spilled inside the printer. If the fuser is determined to be the cause of your problem, check with the documentation for the printer to see if this unit is replaceable. Keep in mind that replacing this is often financially costly, and also time consuming. Often times replacing the printer is a good idea. We can help you to determine what kind of unit you should purchase.

3. The printed product is faded. This is generally caused by low toner, print density settings, or another printer setting error. Check to see how low your toner is and replace your cartridge if necessary. Then ensure that your print density isn’t too low by running a self-test and adjusting as necessary. Finally, make sure your printer isn’t set to an toner-saving or “draft” mode.

4. Lines appear down the side or the middle of the page. This often indicates a problem with the print cartridge. Likely the imaging drum has gone bad, or your toner cartridge or drum unit maybe be nearing the end of its life cycle. We can determine what might be happening by examining your toner cartridge or drum unit in store. Keep in mind that often these two things are often replaced together in laserjet printers. However some units by design have a toner cartridge as well as a separate drum unit. This is also something we can determine for you. 

Troubleshooting Tips for Inkjet Printers

Why does my printer show error messages like “This cartridge is not genuine HP” or “this cartridge is counterfeit”?
Answer: The major printer manufacturers DO NOT want you to use refilled cartridges! The printer can detect if a previously used cartridge is inserted. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it! Just click OK and continue to print.

What does it mean when error message says something like “cartridge not found”, “check one or more cartridges”, “cartridge out of date”, “cartridge not recognized”?
Answer: This usually means the electronics or chip on the cartridge are no longer operating. Both chips and electronic strips have resistors, which occasionally will go out. While our cartridges are tested, and chips are replaced;however,  just like a light-bulb, sometimes they go out!  Just bring the cartridge back in and we will swap it out for another!

Why does my cartridge read “empty” right after I have just installed a new one?’’
Answer: Refilled printhead style cartridges will often read empty. . Just click OK and continue to print. Some cartridges have a reset procedure you can use. Please check the Reset Procedures section to download reset instructions for your particular cartridge. If you still have issues, please brink it back so we can make it right!

My cartridge LEAKED!!!! What can I do?
Answer: If your cartridge leaked, you are always welcome to bring it back in and we will replace it. However, leaking in certain types of cartridges (i.e. Canon & HP tanks) is not unusual. These cartridges are designed with large egress holes at the bottom of the cartridge, and air maze holes at the top. These are required to enable the cartridge to operate properly. If it leaks, there is nothing wrong with the cartridge ... just rinse it off with cool water, tap it dry with a paper towel and install.

The colors are “off” or don’t match my original, what’s going on?
Answer: While our inks are specifically designed for your printer, there may occasionally be slight differences in shade or color. To avoid patent infringement issues, the inks cannot be identical. That being said, most of the time there is no visible difference. However, if your colors are way off, there are a few things that could be going on.

1. The black cartridge provides shading, if your black cartridge is low, it may not shade the colors correctly. If one or more of the color cartridges are low, they may not have enough
ink to properly mix the color.

2. If it is a tank style printer, installing a cartridge in the incorrect bay can create cross- contamination of the colors. If all cartridges are full and the colors are still not right, please bring the cartridges back in and we’ll swap them out. You may also bring in your printer (with the power cord) and we will happily try to troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed.

I have white lines streaking through the print, what’s wrong?
Answer: This problem tends to appear if the cartridge is partially dried out from lack of use, or if nozzles have gone out. Please bring the cartridge back and we will replace it.

I just put new cartridges in, and one or more of the colors is not coming out on the page, why?
Answer: Many inkjet printers on the market today have internal printheads. This means they are fixed inside the printer, rather than placed on the cartridges. This style of printer CANNOT sit without being used for any great length of time. If your printer takes 4 or more cartridges, it has internal printheads. To solve this problem, the printer must be used 2-3 times per week, every week.

Some of these printers have removable printheads, which we can clean for you. If you are having this problem, the printheads may be too dried out to bring them back, but we will happily check the printer and do printhead cleaning if possible. Just drop it by our shop with the power cord, and we’ll see what we can do! There is NO CHARGE for this service!