Recycle Services

Recycling is very important to us at Discount Ink and Toner. Due to the materials put into Ink and Toner cartridges, they need to be properly recycled. This is a service we offer to all customers, free of charge. Many of the empty cores you bring into our store are examined, cleaned, refilled, and resold. For those cartridges, OEM cores (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) that contain the original label ( Such as HP, Canon, Epson, Etc) are highly valued by us. Many other cores are simply recycled. Either way, we reuse or dispose of these cores in a proper and green friendly manner. Call or visit us in store to ask about our recycling services, and keep those cores out of the landfill!

<span style="color: #B22222;"><strong>Recycle Services</strong></span>