<span style="color: #B22222;"><strong>Nancy</strong></span>

Nancy has  been in the refilling business for over 10 years.  After working in public accounting for many years, this has been a total change of pace! 


<span style="color: #B22222;"><strong>Ian</strong></span>

Ian started working for us in Summer of 2012. He has a passion for providing the best technical and generally practical assistance and advice to customers regarding their printers, print cartridges, and I.T. related issues.

Before working for us he attended Front Range Community College, and earned a certificate in Computer Technician A+. In his spare time he enjoys video editing, as well as PC games and Films. 


<strong><span style="color: #B22222;">JR</span></strong>

JR has almost 5 years of Ink & Toner Sales. He is a specialist in troubleshooting printer issues. He has a great sense of humor and loves a bring smiles everyone that crosses his path.